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Ph.D.  English Literature, Arizona State University, May 2018

Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Colorado, Boulder, May 2012

            Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Bachelor of Science, Journalism, University of Colorado, Boulder, May 2012


Research Interests

British Romanticism, monsters, Gothic literature, the undead, medical humanities, marginalized populations, long 18th-century British literature, female monsters, literature and science, film and media studies, gender and sexuality studies.

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Instructor                                                                        August 2021–present

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

            First–Year Composition (ENG 101, 24 credit hours)

            First-Year Composition (ENG 102, 15 credit hours)

            Shakespeare (ENG 321, 3 credit hours)

            Topic: English Drama 1660-1789 (ENG 560, 3 credit hours)


Faculty Associate                                                           August 2018–July 2021

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Topic: Study 18th/19th Century British Lit (ENG 535, 9 credit hours)

Topic: Posthumanism (ENG 504, 12 credit hours) 

Topic: English Drama 1660-1789 (ENG 560, 3 credit hours)  

First–Year Composition (ENG 101, 15 credit hours)

First–Year Composition (ENG 102, 15 credit hours)

Faculty Adjunct 

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ                          August 2018–May 2020

         First-Year Composition (ENG 101, 6 credit hours)

         First-Year Composition (ENG 102, 3 credit hours) 

         Fundamentals of Writing (ENG 091, 3 credit hours)

         Universal Themes (HUM 201, 3 credit hours)


Teaching Associate                                                       August 2013–May 2018

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ


Women and Literature: The Female Monster in Literature and Film (ENG 364)

           Online: Critical Reading and Writing About Literature (ENG 200)

Survey of English Literature: Romantic, Victorian, and 20th Century Literature (ENG 222)


First–Year Composition (ENG 101)

First–Year Composition (ENG 102)

Film and Media

            Special Topics: Film Adaptation (FMS 494)



Published (peer-reviewed):

“Gendered Heroics: A Comparison of Rick and Michonne.” Race, Gender and Sexuality in The Walking Dead, Eds. Elizabeth Erwin and Dawn Keetley. McFarland Press.

“Annotated Bibliography on the Scholarship of Teaching Jane Austen” with Devoney Looser, Romantic Circles Pedagogies Edition “Teaching Jane Austen.” Spring 2015.

Published (popular periodicals):

“Terrifying dragons have long been a part of many religions, and there is a reason for their appeal.” The Conversation, August 25, 2022.

“The Evolution of the Modern Day Zombie.” Slate, January 18, 2018.


“Unearthing the Feminine History of the Undead: A Survey of the Romantic Period (and Beyond).” Behn/Burney, Auburn University, 8 November 2019. 


“Perception is Reality: Exploring the Myth of ‘Dr. Death’ and the Pathologist.” American Society for Clinical Pathology, Phoenix Convention Center, 12 September 2019.


“The Female Vampire as Resistance: Confrontation of Patriarchal Control in Wake Not the Dead.” Resistance in Romanticism. Boulder, CO. 6 September 2018.


“Mary Shelley’s Displaced Reanimates: Exploring the Disruptive Bodies and Minds of

 the Undead.” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. Tempe, AZ. 9 November 2017.


“A.B. Granville’s Mummy Autopsies and British Bodily Insecurity.” International Conference on Romanticism. El Paso, TX. 26 October 2017.


“Cruel Immortal”: Bertha as a Supernatural Character in George Eliot’s The Lifted Veil.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Phoenix, AZ. 4 November 2016.

“Loudon’s The Mummy! as Investigation into the Rights of the Posthuman.” North American Society  for the Study of Romanticism. Winnipeg, MB. 14 August 2015.


 “‘Wedded to the Tomb’: Undead and Sexuality in Short Romantic Works” presented at Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. San Diego, CA. 3 November 2013.


“The Undead Presence: Exploring Boundaries of Life, Death and Sex in ‘Christabel,’ ‘The Skeleton Priest,’ and ‘The Aerial Chorus.’” International Conference on Romanticism. Rochester, MI.  26 October 2013.


“Animal Control: Classifying Humanity in Victorian Literature” Southwest English Symposium. Tempe, AZ. 15 February 2013.


Webby Honoree in Video-Best Writing, "Baba Yaga: The Ancient Origins of the Famous 'Witch,' awarded by the Webby Awards. 2022. 


Silver Telly Winner for Television General-Education, Exhumed: A History of Zombies, awarded by the Telly Awards. 2021.


Silver Telly Winner for Online General-Cultural, “The Origins of the Zombie, from Haiti to the U.S.” awarded by The Telly Awards. 2021.

Bronze Telly Winner for Online Craft-Writing, awarded by The Telly Awards, 2020. 


English Department Travel Award to attend International Conference on Romantic. El Paso, TX. 2017


Preparing Future Faculty Certificate of Completion, awarded by Arizona State University. Temple, AZ. 2016


Boot Camp for Teaching Online Certificate of Completion, awarded by Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ. 2015


Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Travel Grant Award to attend North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. Winnipeg, MB. 2015


North American Society for the Study of Romanticism’s Student Travel Bursary. Winnipeg, MB. 2015


Lore Metzger Graduate Student Writing Award, International Conference on

Romanticism. 2013


University Graduate Fellowship, Graduate College, Arizona State University, 2012.


Creator, Host, and Writer, Monstrum. PBS Digital Studios. August 2018–present. 


Featured Speaker, “Here Be Dragons.” Tempe Center for the Arts. 15 October 2019. 


Contributor, Storytelling: Maps, Myths, and Legends. Tempe Center for the Arts. 28 September 2019. 


Contributor, Monster Stories. Tempe Center for the Arts. 14 September 2018–5 January 2019. 

Panelist, “Ideas: The Most Resilient Parasites.” Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center, 26 May 2018. 

Panelist, “Umbrella Corp Must Offer Good Benefits: Science in Resident Evil.” Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center, 25 May 2018. 

Panelist, “The Strength to Make a Stand: the Science of Horizon Zero Dawn.” Phoenix Comic Fest, Phoenix Convention Center, 24 May 2018. 

Panelist, “Knowledge Mobilization 101: Sharing Research Findings with Multiple Audiences for Maximum Impact.” Social Embeddedness Network Conference, Arizona State University West Campus, 14 March 2018. 

Featured Panelist, “Transformative Knowledge by Design.” Sponsored by the Graduate College at Arizona State University and Council of Graduate Schools in Washington, D.C. 14 March 2018. 

Invited Lecturer (FMS 100): Professor Peter Lehman. “Sex and the Classic Horror Film.” Arizona State University. 22, 27 February 2018; 18 October 2017; 18 October 2016; 15 October 2015. 

Panelist “Bringing Literature to Life: Reanimating Romantic Literature for the Public.” Modern Language Association Connected Academics Colloquium for Careers in the Arts and the Humanities. Tempe, AZ. 28 April 2017. 


Planning Committee Member of the Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting. Arizona State University, October 2020. 


Planning Committee, Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting. Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ 2018.


Graduate Coordinator and Founding Member of the Long–19th Century Graduate Colloquium, a peer professionalization group for literature graduate students. 2012-present.


Volunteer for Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Conference. Tempe, AZ. 9–12 November 2017.


Writer for the International Gothic Association Postgraduate Blog. 2015


Writer for North American Society for the Study of Romanticism’s Graduate Student Blog. 2014–2015.

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